Hello, Recruiter/Interviewer!

If your interview process routinely involves the use of HackerRank, CoderPad, LeetCode etc. live coding exercises, I'd like to suggest that this approach does not provide you with the information you seek. If you're interested in confirming my ability to write code, taking a look at existing work samples and engaging me in a discussion of said code strikes me as a much better approach. Most of the time, you don't hire me to write code, but to tell you which code not to write.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of code I've written is of course proprietary and owned by my current or previous employers. However, a selection of open work samples suitable to give you an impression of my style and competence is shown below:

More projects are available at github.com/jschauma. In addition, I recommend looking through my blog posts to get an idea of my understanding of various tech concepts and technologies.

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