Compare public DNS resolver results

David Puddy pointint to his 8-ball jacket Sometimes it can be useful to check whether a given hostname or record resolves to the same value in different places on the internet, so you go and ask the magic ball. But perhaps other resolvers elsewhere have different results? Manually querying multiple resolvers is bogus, man, so this service does the work for you.

Enter a name and record type to look up and puddy will take care of the rest.

By default, this service will query a bunch of public DNS resolvers via regular UDP port 53 DNS queries; if you choose DNS-over-HTTPS, several public DoH providers will be asked instead.

If you select an ECS Country Subnet, we'll try to set the EDNS Client Subnet parameter to a subnet allocated to that country in the hopes that the DoH providers will honor it and return results for that given ECS.

Finally, if HTML isn't your thing, you can also request JSON output, which then lends itself to querying this service from the command-line via e.g.,

curl "" | python -m json.tool

Name to look up:
Output format: HTML
Lookup type: Normal
ECS Country Netblock (implies DoH):

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