gip -- get an IP in a geographical location or country

Sometimes you want to see what a service would do if you fed it an IP address in a different geographic location (e.g., EDNS Client Subnet). The gip(1) tool lets you get an IP address or CIDR subnet in a given location. Please see the manual page for full details.


Knowing that people are very lazy and often times don't want to even install a trivial command-line tool, here's an HTML form for you:

Country name, country code, AWS region
or IP/CIDR to look up:
Reverse: No
If not reverse:
Output: IP Address
CIDR subnet
Include results: both IPv4 and IPv6
only IPv4
only IPv6

curl(1) Examples

Ah, yes, people can be even lazier! Why use a browser when you have curl(1)? Ok, ok, we'll keep it simple. Here are some examples:

$ curl
$ curl ""
$ curl ""
$ curl ""
$ curl ""
$ curl ""
namecollision (
loopback (

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