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Ride down Williamsburg Bridge

On Saturday, I took my longboard to ride the Williamsburg Bridge. If you haven't done this yet, do yourself a favor and go do it. It's most excellent fun. Starting out on Delancey and Clinton on the Manhattan site, the bridge slopes up at a good pace, providing a decent warmup. After you reach the peak, it gently slopes down and you are rewarded with a nice long, smooth ride down into Williamsburg. The way back from Brooklyn felt like the incline was shorter, so I was looking forward to a long ride back down into Manhattan.

Shortly past the half-point I picked up a decent amount of speed and was happily carving my way down the bridge, when all of a sudden on a nice frontside turn *pop* my right hind wheel said byebye. The bearing just popped and my truck went grinding on the asphalt and Jan went flying. Took a bit of tumble there, rolled around and managed to pop right up again. Frankly, I'm surprised I didn't hurt myself -- just a few scratches. The people behind me told me that my wheel flew over the fence onto the subway track, so I got to walk down the rest of the bridge, thinking how I'd much rather be carving along...

Anyway, great ride, highly recommended. You get a nice view of the city, the bridge looks very industrial and it wasn't very crowded at all, given that it was a Saturday morning. Go and give it a try!

Well, but so I had to get new wheels, which I did today (73mm 75a Sector 9; going for the smaller, but softer and wider wheels than my previous Kryptonics 80mm 80a). Unfortunately, it looks like the second bearing managed to get itself firmly lodged into the truck, so that regardless of how much force I applied, I just couldn't get the inner metal part off the truck. So I'll also take the occasion to get a new set of trucks.

Any recommendations on some nice smooth wide new trucks? I think I'd like to try something different from the usual. Has anybody tried Revenge Trucks ( How about the Toes on the Nose trucks or the Seismic trucks? Or should I just get a set of wide Indies or Tracker's?

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July 16, 2006

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