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More on Solaris 10 ZFS vs. Apple XRaid

Still trying to figure out what exactly is going on here, I took somebody else's advise and tried to see if maybe there is a relation between the size of the zpool and the NFS performance.

Connecting the machine in question to a different XRaid with a 745 GB Raid-5 disk, I tried to create a single zpool on that disk. Again, the same performance problems as noted earlier. Then I partitioned the disk into a 100 GB partition and tried to create a zpool on that. Again, no luck. Performance still stinks.

FWIW, format reports the xraid disks as:

2. c3t0d0 <APPLE-Xserve RAID-1.50-2.73TB>
3. c3t1d0 <APPLE-Xserve RAID-1.50-2.73TB>
4. c3t2d0 <APPLE-Xserve RAID-1.26-745.21GB>

Related patches and bugs:

I've also posted my experience to the zfs-discuss mailing list. Maybe somebody there can figure this out.

July 31, 2006

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