Signs of Triviality

Opinions, mostly my own, on the importance of being and other things.
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Things I Remember

I was born in 1976, and with the average life expectancy for males in the US hovering around 75 years, this makes me approach my midlife crisis. Perhaps that's how I've realized that there are a few things of interest that I remember in my life, and so I started to jot them down.

I've intentionally not looked up each year but wrote down specifically only things as they pop into my head. Anything not being listed here doesn't mean I don't remember that event/thing, nor does anything being listed here assign it any specific value or (personal) importance. It's just a list of things I happen to remember to remember and which I think my daughters may find amusing some day. I may update this list with time.

Things I remember (last updated on 2013-01-03):

What do you remember?

December 28th, 2012

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