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Mac OS X: attaching drives

Apple's XServe ships with two harddrives, let's call them A and B. When the machine boots, it attaches disk A under / (which makes sense, since it's the drive containing the root filesystem). Disk B, however, is attached in a seemingly random manner under either "/Volumes/Server HD" or "/Volumes/Server HD 1".

Suppose disk B is attached under "/Volumes/Server HD": then "/Volumes/Server HD 1" will be a symlink to /. If disk B happens to get attached under "/Volumes/Server HD 1", then "/Volumes/Server HD" is a symlink to /.

The reason for this is that both disks are named "Server HD". This is somewhat annoying, as this means that one does not know whether the data that is stored on disk B will be available under "/Volumes/Server HD/data" or under "/Volumes/Server HD 1/data".

To bring some sanity to this, you can use diskutil(1) to rename the disks, thus causing the automounter to create uniqe mountpoints.

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