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Jan's Blog Episode IV -- A New Hope

Star Wars was on last night. That has nothing to do with the existence of this blog, but it explains the title of this entry, for in the past I have repeatedly kept and then retired a blog of sorts. And since a certain famous movie director, whose name I naturally cannot mention here -- suffice it to say he enjoys frequent yet brief encounters with prostitutes -- is not the only one who can start out with "Episode IV", so shall I.

A new hope has manifested itself: that perhaps I am not too much of a curmudgeon to keep up with the "new media"; that perhaps I do have things of interest to say; that even though I'm about to double the number of offspring I have in only a few days this time sink will not be a futile endeavour.

Had I kept proper count of my previous blogging attempts, perhaps the title of this entry would have been "Blog Wars Episode VI -- Return of the Jan", but (a) that would have been corny and (b) as everybody who knows me personally is aware, I'm an eternal optimist, so choosing "A New Hope" seemed more appropriate.

So... as a "hello world" of sorts, this is me:

And there you have it. Reblog, tweet, comment, link, like, +1, or whatever else you crazy kids do nowadays.

P.S.: Why tumblr? Well, I'm lazy, so I don't want to dick around customizing a platform on my own server. I'm also paranoid, so running whatever web-2.0 gunk is needed on my own server no longer seems appealing. Also, this.

(Originally posted on my now deprecated Tumblr blog.)

September 5, 2011

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